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Course Content
Do you want to lower your stress levels and build up your resilience? This course will explore stress and resilience and the impact they may have on you. You will learn about theories to help you understand stress, as well as methods to help you cope with stress. You will look at the relationship between vulnerability and resilience and how society views each. You will practice techniques to build resilience and improve overall wellbeing.
This course is for anyone aged 19 or over.
No previous experience is required. Basic IT skills are essential.
You will need access to a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Please bring a notepad, pen or pencil and a small folder for handouts and your work. You may wish to use a memory stick.
This course will be delivered online. You will need access to the internet and an email account. Your teacher will contact you on a weekly basis through Skype, email and Google Classroom and you will have the opportunity to contribute to group discussions across the County. You will be given tasks to complete at each session and instructions and online demonstrations.
Your teacher will give you verbal and written feedback throughout the course.
You will receive an ALSS certificate of achievement on successful completion of this course.
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09:30 AM - 02:30 PM
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