First Steps with Computers (SD) Pickering Name

Course Content

Course Content

The course will provide a gentle hands-on introduction for those who are new to using a computer, accessing the Internet and basic text entry.

The course will help you to:
practice keyboard and mouse skills
create, store and retrieve a file
create a folder on the computer
get started with emails
recognise common computer terminology
improve computer safety and security
identify symbols and icons on screen
recognise computer hardware and software

During the course, you will work on activities set by your teacher in a socially distanced computer room. Further details of the Covid compliant access and required actions to ensure everyone’s safety, will be sent to you prior to the course start.

To be eligible for a free funded course you must be over 19 years of age as at 31st August 2022 and not be an apprentice, further eligibility may be linked to where you live and we will check that at enrolment stage and may contact you for further information or refer you to alternative provision.

There are no IT entry requirements; this course is suitable for those who are new to using IT.

You may wish to bring a notepad and pen for taking notes and a folder to store notes and handouts.

Your teacher will give verbal and written feedback throughout the course.

You will receive an ALSS certificate of achievement on successful completion of this course.

Your teacher will discuss progression options and these will include; Next Steps with Computers, Essentials Digital Skills and Getting started with courses.

You may like to bring your own refreshments for consumption away from the computers.

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Concessions may be available based on income and benefit status

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