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Course Content

Functional Skills qualifications can open the door to a range of work and further education opportunities. Throughout your chosen face to face or teacher led online course, you will gain confidence in recognising and using techniques to support your own maths development as you work towards a Functional maths qualification. You will learn new skills and apply these to different situations.
The Functional Skills maths course involves 2 assessments, one withhout the use of a calculator and one with calcualtor allowed. Both assessments must be completed to achieve the qualification.
By the end of the course you will be able to:
• use calculator and non-calculator methods to find solutions to mathematical problems
• apply what you have learnt to different mathematical situations.
You will be invited to attend for up to 55 hours, but your teacher will guide you to achieve in a timescale that is right for you.

To be eligible for funding for courses you must be over 19 years of age as at 31st August 2023 and not be an apprentice. Further eligibility may be linked to where you live and we will check this at enrolment stage and may contact you for further information or refer you to alternative provision.

No previous experience is required. Basic IT skills are essential for online provision.
We will ask you to enrol on a BKSB assessment session. This will allow us to allocate the most suitable course for your individual level. We will then provide details of all courses available and a learner agreement will be sent to you to confirm you would like to allocated a place.
You will need to commit to regular attendance and to complete homework and self study in your own time.

For face to face courses please bring a notepad, calculator, pen or pencil and a small folder for handouts and your work.; for online classes you will need access to a Laptop or Tablet. If you don’t have access to a computer or laptop and prefer online learning, we may still be able to support you with our laptop loan scheme.
For online courses you will need access to the internet and an email account. Your teacher will contact you on a weekly basis through email, and Teams.
You will be given tasks to complete for each session..

Your teacher will give verbal and written feedback throughout the course. You will be expected to complete weekly homework.
You will be required to complete one calculator and one non-calculator paper to achieve the qualification. These can be online or paper based at one of our registered sites.

An accredited Functional Skills maths qualification at an appropriate level.

Other courses related to personal or professional development including GCSEs

This is the Initial Assessment that all learners must enrol on in the first instance, prior to becoming Approved Learners. Once complete, you will receive a course letter which will include our online and classroom based available courses.

We deliver classroom based learning in many areas across the county including Scarborough, Whitby, Harrogate, Ripon, Thirsk and Northallerton

Our online classes are delivered by a specialist teacher at a set day and time each week.

Concessions may be available based on income and benefit status

Helping you financially

  • 92% of our learners receive full funding for their learning. Our mission is to support you on the right learning path (T&C apply).
  • We can offer financial support relating to childcare costs, travel costs, course fees, books etc. (T&C apply).
  • You can pay for your course in instalments (over £100). Please ask for details.
  • English, maths including GCSEs and computing courses (up to Level 1) are FREE subject to eligibility (adult learners aged 19+ at 31st August 2023).
  • Qualification courses at Level 2 or below are FREE if your individual employed/self employed income is below £20,319.
  • If you have not yet achieved a Level 3 qualification or equivalent, you could learn for FREE.
  • Don’t worry if you have already gained a Level 3 qualification, but want to change your career path and try something new – you can apply for an Advanced Learner Loan which you start to pay back when you earn over £27,295.
  • From April 2023, some Level 3 courses will be available for FREE to adults who are unemployed or earning below the National Living Wage annually (£20,319), even if you already have a Level 3 qualification or higher. This funding is part of the ‘Level 3 Free Courses for Jobs’ offer and you will find a full list of qualifications included in this offer here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/find-a-free-level-3-qualification/list-of-free-level-3-qualifications-available-to-eligible-adults

If you are unsure on what price you should pay, please contact us on 01609 536066 or email adultlearningservice@northyorks.gov.uk