Connection with Others - A Guide to Effective Listening Skills

Course Content

Course Content

Wellbeing Course 7. ‘Connection with others – a guide to effective listening skills’ is designed to introduce learners to enhancing their interpersonal relationships through the development of effective listening skills. The course provides practical tools for fostering understanding, empathy and meaningful relationships. Learners will explore the art of effective listening, empathic communication and strategies for building deeper connections with others. It will be delivered through a combination of teaching, interactive discussions, group activities; and roleplay. The following topics will be covered: The importance of effective listening; Principles of active listening; Creating a positive listening environment; Empathic communication; Non-verbal communication in listening; Overcoming listening barriers and Practical application of listening skills.
This will enable learners to have transferable skills, such as, thinking skills, planning and time management, self assessment, problem solving and career planning. Progression to accredited courses, such as counselling.

To be eligible for funding for courses you must be over 19 years of age as at 31st August 2023 and not be an apprentice, further eligibility may be linked to where you live and we will check that at enrolment stage and may contact you for further information or refer you to alternative provision.

A good basic level of maths and English. No further entry requirements.

Your teacher will give verbal and written feedback throughout the course, and you will create a portfolio of work as a permanent record of learning.

This face-to-face course is for anyone aged 19 or over. No previous experience required.
On completion of this course, further wellbeing and accredited courses will be made available to you. You can choose from a range of wellbeing courses such as 8. Positivity matters – creating a positive work environment. There are also various creative courses and access to the full programme of wellbeing courses. Also, progression to accredited courses such as: L1 Employability. Your teacher will discuss these with you.

01:30 PM - 03:30 PM
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